After merging the operations of Bodin’s Cajun Foods and Tony’s Cajun Delights under Cajun Original Foods, Inc., the Owner & President, Dennis Higginbotham moved the Blanc’s pistolette operations into the Bodin’s USDA federally inspected plant, located at: 704 Avenue D, Acadiana Regional Airport, New Iberia, LA.


The same year, Cajun Original Foods also purchased Tony’s Cajun Delights, a Lafayette-based business that made the very popular Blanc’s Pistolettes (small French breads stuffed with seafood or meat stuffing). The Blanc’s Pistolettes were made in at a Lafayette, LA plant until purchased by Cajun Original Foods. These stuffed pistolette bread rolls have been popular in the Lafayette area for over 20 years.


In 2006, Cajun Original Foods, Inc. incorporated, and purchased Bodin’s Cajun Foods, a USDA-Certified Cajun food business in New Iberia, LA. After more than 30 years of producing delicious Cajun products, Mr. Daniel Bodin retired and sold his business to Cajun Original Foods.